New Albany is a series of neighborhoods.

One has the feeling of a compact European village. Another, a collection of country estates. Each works in relationship to the land, each to each other. Each neighborhood has its own distinct qualities, yet they all share one thing. Georgian architecture.

It is the perfect rural statement, in succinct harmony with the land, and it was the obvious choice for New Albany. Homes with large windows that invite the outside in. Classic designs that elevate every home. A traditional style and grace that creates the feeling New Albany has been here always.

That sense of history and permanence can be found throughout New Albany’s neighborhoods. Around every corner. In the smallest of details. Look closely. You’ll see archways created with hand-molded brick. Clapboard siding. The subtle glow of a street lantern.

Even the names of the neighborhoods are steeped in history. Wiveliscombe, Tiverton, Clivdon Mews. Many were inspired by classic English villages or grand manor homes in Tidewater, Virginia.